Unique Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet!

Nobody enjoys throwing away meaningful flowers, most especially your wedding bouquet. The only reason we toss them is, unlike our love, flowers quickly wither away and lose their luster. The good news is, you can freeze your special moment in time with many available techniques to preserve flowers. If you simply google “ways to preserve your wedding bouquet,” the search results in hundreds of pages with various DIY instructions, professional preservation services, and ideas that will keep your head spinning for weeks. You spend a lot of time and money on selecting your perfectly-picked bundle of beauty, so why not create a keepsake that will allow you to smell the roses forever!

With so many options, we thought we could narrow it down with the top four unique preservation choices we thought were pretty darn awesome.


Resin Paperweights


These beautiful spectacles reminded us of a crystal ball that will take you back in time, and will also remind you of your sweet future. You can find DIY instructions, search for various service providers on Etsy, or the following company in the UK that has seemingly perfected the process.
Flower Preservation Workshop


Resin Jewelry

From bangles, earrings, necklaces, to pendants, the options are limitless. How cool is it to not only wear your forever ring but to also wear your wedding flowers? This is also a great gift option for your wedding party.


Here’s a simple DIY option that you can make for your Christmas tree, or use it to hang in your wedding shadow box.



Pressed Flower Art

For those who appreciate art, why not create a beautiful masterpiece using your dried flowers.  You could even use a photo from your wedding and add flowers to it for a multi dimensional pop.

If you still need to decide which bouquet you would like for your special day, perhaps these will help you to choose.




How will we pay for our wedding?

The national average wedding costs $29,858.00 with 140 guests. While that’s not my Big Fat Greek Wedding, paying for 140 people can get expensive without a well-thought-out plan. Budgeting for a wedding can seem overwhelming with so many important to-do’s on your list, but with some good documentation, communication and creativity, it’s most certainly within reach.

Now that the cost of the bling-bling is behind you, it’s time to move on to the big celebration costs: food, drinks, additional ring, gifts, the dress, tux, wedding facility, flowers, officiant, lodging, décor, honeymoon, make-up, photographer, hairstylist, videographer, DJ, invitations, and so on…..

First you need to figure out what your absolute max budget is, then write down everything that you will need to fit into this grand total. When coming up with the list, start with the most important to the least, so you can allocate the budget appropriately. This list will also help to keep your budget in check. It’s easy to go over budget when we don’t account for the small ticket items that add up quickly.  BUT, don’t fret. While this seems like a daunting task, I have seen some pretty AMAZING and elegant weddings that were budget friendly, as well as some of the most memorable ones yet.


Following are some ideas to help you budget!

all inclusive

All Inclusive Party!

Find a wedding venue that’s willing to offer an all-inclusive package. Just like going to an all-inclusive resort for a fancy vacation, the savings add up with this option versus doing everything a la carte.


Find a facility like The Winding River Ranch that not only offers all-inclusive, but allows you to bring your own beverages and use your own vendors. There are some pretty massive savings in alcohol and food costs when you can select a service within your budget or buy bulk food and drinks.


Ask family and friends for referrals, and even better, your friends or family may offer their assistance. Maybe you will get a friends and family discount through a referral. You never know unitl you ask. This step saved us over 10K! Cha-Ching!

We asked a friend who recently started a new catering business, and they offered us a killer deal for the opportunity to build their portfolio. Our photographer offered to take photos of the food spread to sweeten the deal. We provided the photos to them as a form of extra payment, plus, we graciously reviewed their business.  We were also able to access a wholesale food store membership card which quickly added up the savings and the calories at our wedding dinner. You can purchase cases of, boxes of wine and bottles of champagne in bulk for a small toast.

Have your cake and eat it too!

Or rather two! Ordering two cakes versus one cuts the cake costs in half. Arrange two cakes for your reception: The sheet cake, which can be less intricately beautified, gets cut and dished up in the kitchen and a smaller cake for the WOW factor and photos is placed on the cake table.


A season, A reason:

Order seasonal flowers in bulk or make your own DIY paper flowers: While most popular marriage blooms are accessible year-round, some customary ones, peonies and lilies of the valley, for instance—can be costly if out of season. Look to your flower vendor’s recommendation before settling on your flowers.  

Should you decide to save with DIY, there are plenty great ideas and resources for everything you can imagine. Check out our Pinterest, where we constantly update boards with amazing ideas. 

Double Dipping is OK!  Repurpose your flowers as centerpieces:  If there’s a sufficient number of blooms and they’re a fitting size, they can fill in as centerpieces on the table.


Skip RSVP cards and have visitors handwrite a note with marriage advice or a song that they would like to hear at your wedding, etc. You can also create your own .com and have guests respond through your website. There’s plenty free website builders and you’ll also save money on printing and postage. The notes will be fun to read and add to your wedding scrapbook.  


If an average wedding costs $29,858.00, getting a return on your investment can most certainly add up.  Use or get a credit card that earns frequent flier miles or money back and use your wedding expenses earnings towards your honeymoon. You can also register your honeymoon as a shared gift option on sites like The Newlywed Fund, Honeyfund or Zola.


Get your wedding make-up in travel or sample sizes at your make-up counter of choice, and purchase your dress at a trunk show. Trunk shows are a great way to purchase designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. You can also ask dress boutiques if they sell samples. 


Take a deep breath and remember, this is YOUR day, and no one will know or remember how much money you spent. They will only notice the glow coming off of your faces!

2017 wedding hot list!

Weddings happen all-year-round, but the spring and summer months are known to increase the amount of I DO’s and dancing shoes by the droves. No matter when you get married, paying attention to trends and giving yourself enough time to plan your picture perfect day is of high importance. The amount of time needed will vary by couple, but on average couples plan their celebration over the course of a year. We personally planned our wedding in just four short months, however the backdrop and wedding facility we selected was already drop dead gorgeous.

Your dream-come-true started with the BIG question, you said YES to your forever love, NOW it’s time to start planning one of the best days of your life. To help with your perfectly crafted plan, following are some of the hot list wedding trends for 2017.

Who knew that tissue would be used for more than tears of joy on your wedding day? Paper decorations, are an increasingly popular and hip pop of creative décor that can last a lifetime.  If you do not want to preserve flowers from your wedding, make some DIY paper flowers for your shadowbox!


Rustic weddings are still in high demand. Mixing greenery, wood ,metal, bamboo plates, and chalkboard art are a match made in heaven!


Hanging your wedding décor: Whether you hang your florals, lighting or globes with rope, pearls, beads, or shepherd hooks,  this is a guaranteed way to give your wedding or reception a polished look of elegance.

Photo credit: Ruffled


Pastel Bridal Gowns: On the off white chance that white doesn’t tickle your fancy, we have fantastic news! Pastel wedding dresses are in season. Consider outfits in delicate shades of blue, pink or lilac.



Silk: Lace has been an elegant go-to for quite a long time, but the ever so smooth silk is making its way back to top designers and wedding boutiques near you. This refined texture is ideal for catching that marvelous vintage vibe.

Galia Lahav
Designer Galia Lahav

Food trucks were a hip way to impress in 2016, however it’s still going strong into 2017 – get creative and go for fun food combinations and small plates that will awaken your guests pallets.



Move over, sugar-free smorgasbords: Dessert tables are a sweet tooth lovers dream! Showcase your wedding cake by adding cupcakes, cookies, beignets, chocolates, or candy. We all knew that love is sweet, but you are in for a treat in 2017.



Artistically inspired Wedding Cakes: Searching for a unique wedding cake? Consider a drip wedding cake or a wooden cake. These innovative cakes will look like a masterpiece at your gathering, you’ll practically have no desire to cut into them…


The Gineration for gin! From creatively crafted gin cocktails, to DIY gin bars the popular British liquor will help your guests boot scootin boogie over to the dance floor.


Sprinkles of gemstones, astrology, and astronomy are a great way to dazzle. Let your guests go on a stargazing journey and get lost in the sky full of dreams. Afterall, the stars most certainly aligned when you two met!